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The MooD platform is an integrated software environment with which MooD International, its partners and customers rapidly configure and deploy enterprise-scale solutions to address business problems specific to an industry, organization or programme.

A MooD solution improves transparency and collaboration around business performance, supporting investment-level decision making by delivering insights that visualise the way operations drive business outcomes. A MooD solution helps decision makers to see how to make the ‘ropes touch the ground’.

At the heart of a MooD solution is an Enterprise Business Model: a Business Operating Model expressed in terms of the moving parts and connections by which the business operates and delivers its outcomes. Capturing, manipulating and delivering visual insights to business stakeholders – this is what differentiates MooD.

What can I do with it?

The Business Model connects target outcomes through to specific decision points. This means that it can support an informed ‘trade and balance’ approach to decision making, grounded in a deep understanding of what really drives what in the business. Decision processes progress from world-class visualisation of current performance, through analysis of future options and implications, into monitoring of consequences against projections.

MooD Product Detail

MooD products have been designed to expose and exploit the visual and flexible nature of an Enterprise Business Model, enabling an agile engagement and integration style – solutions evolve to align with the needs of a business.

MooD Business Architect

A Windows client-side product, used to manage and work with Enterprise Business Models, and to configure MooD solutions:

  • Create and manage the meta model – the underlying structures and rules that control and govern the scope, behaviour and integrity of the Enterprise Business Model
  • Manage the metrics framework that overlays, interacts with, and aggregates across the meta-model
  • Synchronise information with external sources, with a range of options for continuing connection
  • Drag and drop configuration of views, interaction, querying, with access to functionality and workflow needed by solution user communities to exploit the information within a range of standard or highly specific decision and lifecycle processes
  • Analyse, explore, report, search, tabulate and in any other way access the full content of the Enterprise Business model

 MooD Active Enterprise

A Windows server product, used to deploy configured solutions across a wide community of users exploiting standard enterprise web technologies:

  • Role-based access, home pages and permissions, down to the granularity of individuals and single data points
  • Engage directly with the Enterprise Business Model and associated data
  • Navigation through an entirely configured UI giving highly visual and compelling support to complex end-to-end decision processes, including access to data and functionality to understand, assess and act on actual and potential business activity, performance and outcomes
  • Scheduled updates to and from enterprise data sources
  • Alerting on significant events and reporting / off-line working with essential data and decisions MooD runs on Oracle or MS SQL Server products. Deployment options range from standalone laptop configuration for rapid prototyping through to global multi-user managed access over the enterprise infrastructure.

MooD runs on Oracle or MS SQL Server products. Deployment options range from standalone laptop configuration for rapid prototyping through to global multi-user managed access over.

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