Semantic search services

As authorized provider services of ONTOFORCE, we provide services to support your decision making through their semantic search platform, helps you solve your Big Data challenges.
Aggregate data from an unlimited number of public, third party and private data sources.


Discover the unknown knowledge inside your organization.DISQOVER aggregates data from disparate data sources, so you no longer have to visit different websites. DISQOVER always shows the data provenance.

Type your keyword(s) and start searching public, private and third party data, all in one place.

Understanding intent and context

Semantic search extends the current search possibilities by looking at 1) the intent of the searcher as well as 2) the context of the search. This combination generates more refined and better attuned search results.

Find the unexpected

Semantic search reveals unexpected connections between your search query and different data sources. It retrieves data you didn’t know you were looking for, making you a whole lot smarter.

Enriching data

Semantic search uncovers interconnections and relationships between data. Data is combined, compiled and enriched, making it more valuable.

Ontologies + linked data = semantic search

The semantic search platform DISQOVER uses semantic web technologies including ontologies, URIs, RDFs, and more, to build five-star linked data.

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