Organisational Innovation coaching services (Mlearn)

We provide customized change programs to help institutions to innovate their organizations, particularly the Governance system based on self-directed and organized teams, aiming the digital transformation of the business. 

The holistic approach guides the clarification of the business strategy, following an innovative BSC technique, the modeling of an organizational architecture, the deployment of the business strategy through the organizational architecture and the adaption of the chart of the organization. 

Our team will train a client’s team to make them able and autonomous to ensure continuity to the change program, transferring all the knowledge needed about the methodology. The client’s team will incorporate the project team and we will work together to accelerate people capabilities. 

To complete the management system, our approach guides the innovation of

  • the preparation of Project Portfolio,
  • the Management and Strategy Control systems,
  • the Organizational Innovation system,
  • the Continuous Improvement and Quality system,

And the strategic alignment of

  • the definition of Roles and Responsibilities,
  • People Assessment system, based on no shared objectives but collaborative ones,
  • Training Programs,
  • Strategic Information System Planning,
  • Operational Risk Management system,
  • Knowledge Management system,
  • the design of Operational Business Processes,
  • Activity Management system
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