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Challenging governance models through self-managed teams

How we do it
Our Community


Our mission is to provide coaching on organizational and process innovation to all kind of businesses and services, conducting thinking out of the box workshops. We aim at their improvement and or transformation, building a systemic and collaborative organizational model,  while assuring strategic alignment and enhancing agility, effectiveness, sustainability, employee motivation and well-being.


Jorge S. Coelho & Associados – Consultores de Gestão, Lda was founded by Jorge S. Coelho in Oporto, on the 21st November 1996, having registered SisConsult as a trade mark for its services.


The knowledge and more than 40 years of experience of the founder enabled the design and development of a holistic and differentiating methodology named Mlearn to conduct organizational and process innovation projects.

Along the time, the methodology has been a result of three development streams:

  1. The experience gained from the adoption of the methodology in several projects for national and international organizations, both in private and public sector, namely at central, regional and local entities.
  2. The research at universities which feeds master and PhD courses following action research approaches.
  3. The share and discussion of the approach and its techniques in forums and conferences with academics and practitioners

How we do it


Our approach aims at giving autonomy to client’s teams through the transference of knowledge, enabling them to understand and apply the MLearn methodology.
This approach is based on interactive workshops supported by video projection and without interviews or the use of paper.
This methodology gives guidance to modeling the organization into self-managed teams, through a systemic perspective.


A team of two consultants assures the conduction of the project during the design of the organizational model and business strategy deployment. Later this team is available to follow up and coach the client team during the after-project period.

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Our community

The discussion and share of ideas to contribute for the innovation and development of our methodology and approach involve four main components:

Our clients, that use Mlearn methodology in their governance model

  • Private national and international companies of several sectors
  • Ministries and other central administration entities
  • Regional coordination services
  • Inter-municipalities communities
  • Municipalities

Universities, where Mlearn is part of the subjects or is researched in master, PhD and other training courses

  • University of Minho, Portugal
  • University of Portucalense, Portugal
  • University of Applied Sciences of Utrecht, Netherland

Practitioners forums where the founder contributes actively

  • Fresh Thinking Labs, workplace Innovation Europe
  • EUWIN – European Workplace Innovation Network
  • IPBPM – Portuguese Institute for Business Process Management
  • Innovative Conference – Organizational and Process Innovation, Lisbon
  • CS03 /IPQ – Commission for ITC quality of Portuguese Institute for Quality


  • Workplace Innovation Europe: The Fifth Element methodology
  • MooD International – MooD software for Organizational modelling and knowledge repository
  • Innovation Value Institute –  IT-CMF Executive Assessment Benchmark aiming at digital transformation
  • Ontoforce – DisQover software, based on AI, to data discovery


  • SisConsult is acredited by Workplace Innovation Europe to implement their approach in partnership with them.
  • SisConsult is a dealer of MooD International and IVI (Innovation Value Institute) AUTHORISED SERVICE PROVIDER.
  • SisConsult is certified as training entity by DEGERT, official authority, since January 2000
  • SisConsult is a member of the Sectorial Commission for Quality of ICT, at IPQ  (Portuguese Institute for Quality), since 1997
  • In April 2000, SisConsult obtained the certification for its Quality Management System, according to NP EN ISO 9001:2000 standard
  • SisConsult is accredited by P2020 for “Vales de Inovação”, in Portugal