SisConsult Training

The educational offer of SisConsult is presented in the form of courses tailored to the needs of each client..

For the design of a course units were projected training modules that will give body to the course designed for the specific case of each client, adding sessions needed to cover the case studies attached to the real problems to solve within each module, so in the limite, a course may be limited to one of those modules. The main modules are broken down,

  1. Introduction to MLearn Methodology – 7 Hs
  2. Business Strategy Clarification – 14 Hs
  3. Preparations of Plan and Budget – 7 Hs
  4. Organisational Arquitecture Design – 7 Hs
  5. Objectives and Indicators Definition – 7 Hs
  6. Implementation of Continuous Improvement Model– 7 Hs
  7. Setting up and using MooD2008 – 21 Hs
  8. Strategic alignment of information systems – 7 Hs

The course offerings may involve other more specialized modules related to:

  • Process design
  • Operational Risk
  • Knowledge Management
  • Human Resources
  • Quality
  • For more informations, please send email for .

    The course participants can join the MLearn Community.


    mood.jpgMooD is a tool which allows modelling processes architecture and built organisational knowledge repository. Read more »

    A Community of Practice based on a platform that supports the exchange of experiences among practitioners and researchers of Mlearn Methodology.

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