SisConsult has been specializing in changing organizations in order to make them more agile, innovative and efficient. Achieving behavior change is a key differentiator.

The objective is to run an internal discussion based on a new paradigm that starts with interactive workshops to clarify and communicate strategy, involving the first and second levels of management for about three days. The result is an organizational competences oriented and a guidance for preparing the business plan and budget. Other results are consensus and a shared and unique understanding about the business strategy.

After the first exercise, our support continues running workshops to develop the plan and budget and start building a model of continuous improvement based on organizational strategy through an architecture of organizational competences. The objectives deployed to the individual level offer an efective way to controlling the business strategy.

Services are provided to organizations, in an integrated way and aligned with the business strategy, focusing on the following areas:

  • Strategy Clarification
  • Management Control
  • Information Systems
  • Process Strategy and Management
  • Human Resources
  • Quality
  • Operational Risk
  • Knowledge Management
  • Projects Portfolio Management
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