SisConsult is a company that declares research work in the fiscal reports.

Collaborates with several national, in particular with the University of Minho, and international universities, researching and developing the methodology, in particular, integrated with areas as:

  • Strategy
  • Management Control
  • Information Systems
  • Business Processes
  • Human Resources: performance assessment, organizational competence management, training needs, leadership
  • Quality
  • Operational Risk
  • Knowledge Management
  • Projects Portfolio Management

The company is available to collaborate with MBA’s, Master Degrees and Advanced Education Programmes, for sharing ideas and case studies.

A practical community is being developed to provide an easier exchange of experiences and knowledge among all researchers and practitioners.


mood.jpgMooD is a tool which allows modelling processes architecture and built organisational knowledge repository. Read more »

A Community of Practice based on a platform that supports the exchange of experiences among practitioners and researchers of Mlearn Methodology.

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Project and Porfolio Management software