Central and Local Public Administration

In case of Public Administration, it is of particular importance to make assessment system a useful management tool in the context of an effective management model, ensuring that:

  • Deployment of objectives from the top until every individual task is consistent
  • Definition of individual objectives are not shared for effective responsability and motivation, besides in a context of shared responsability
  • Individual objectives are aligned to the organizational ones.

The services that we propose contributes to the implementation of an integrated Scorecard, oriented to organizational competences/services/processes and aligned with the CAF / EFQM and other frameworks.

Thus, provides the possibility of:

  • Clarifying the strategy, defining medium and short term objectives
  • Doing the business plan and budget in an integrated way
  • Defining the organizational strategy in terms of the organisational competences
  • Implementing an efective and fair assessment system aligned with the business strategy,

based on a integrated continuous improvement model and assuring an effective change of behaviors.

Folheto SIADAP

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